May 2020

Precious and semi-precious stones for your future jewel!

L’Atelier du Serti, jewelry and stone setting craftsmen in Bordeaux, offers you a wide choice of precious or semi-precious stones in order to make the jewel of your dreams! Our network of gemologists is by our side to find ever more original and sophisticated stones.

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5 May 2020

Love has no borders

A very beautiful creation from Atelier du Serti as this incredible ring, a love gift from a husband for his wife. The story of this ring is just as beautiful. It is necessary to go back more than a year back when our experts from l’Atelier du Serti in Bordeaux took the direction of India to choose this magnificent precious stone. The exceptional stone (an 8.68 carat sapphire, cushion cut, of Burmese origin, unheated, that is to say without any

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14 February 2020

Christmas gift idea: Creation of an original jewel

The creation of a jewel is done in stages. First, we start from an idea, a wish. Then, we realize the sketch. Once the drawing is selected, we make a model of the project in wax in order to have a precise idea of ​​the volume and the shape of the jewel. The validated prototype, we create the jewel in the desired metal (gold, platinum, silver) and proceed to set the stones. So, can we help you to please your

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6 November 2019

Atelier du Serti’s silver straws

For a private client, Atelier du Serti, jeweler in Bordeaux, has created a collection of 12 straws in solid satin silver. For sublimated cocktails, the straw in silver is an elegant and ethical product (recycled silver, reusable straw) very well highlighted by Lalique crystal glasses and trays. Thank you and Tchin!

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17 September 2019

A family story

From a family brooch, Atelier du Serti has made several jewels on request (earings and necklaces). The style has been beautifully preserved to stay in the ‘Belle Epoque” spirit. Atelier du Serti, jewelers, creators in Bordeaux, continues the tradition with the creation of exceptional jewelry but also the transformation or repair of your jewerly.

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21 May 2019