Savoir faire

The Atelier du Serti, jewelers, creators, stone-setters in Bordeaux, perpetuate the tradition of creating exceptional jewelry and also transformation and restoration of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings…

Our fine jewelry creations

Creating jewelry is a step by step process. At Atelier du Serti, we start with an idea, an inspiration. Then come sketches and drawings of different variants of said idea. Once a drawing has been chosen, we create a wax model to fully grasp the volume and shape of the future piece. Once the prototype has been validated, we forge the jewelry in the desired precious metal (gold, platinum, silver). We then proceed to stone-setting the newly created jewelry piece. Welcome to the world of fine jewelry !

Your Custom Jewelry

Your custom made jewelry is the embodiment of your dream piece. At Atelier du Serti, original creations are done step by step.

A first appointment allows your to explain your project and will guide us on the shape and style of your jewelry. Precious and fine stones, color or diamond, will are presented. The choice of stones will be entirely up to you!
Drawn models will then be presented and the choice is yours to make.
We will then work on a wax model, presenting the same characteristics of your choices (size, shape, volume), to confirm your project.
The last phase depends entirely on us. Following your confirmation, we create the jewelry, in metal, and proceed to set the stones of your choice. Ring, necklace, pendants, bracelets, brooch… This jewelry piece will be entirely yours and unique.


Stone-setting is a crucial step in the jewelry making. A stand-alone expertise, Atelier du Serti also specializes in stone-setting. Depending on the jewelry piece, the nature of the stones, we will guide you on a stone-setting style most adapted to your lifestyle. The different types of stone-settings we excel in include : Claw stone-setting :
  • usually used for solitaires.
Bezel stone-setting :
  • stones are encircled by metal and therefore protected.
Grain stone-setting :
  • stones are held by small « grains » of metal.
Rail stone-setting :
  • round-cut stones are set between two layers of metal, resembling a track.
Calibrated stone-setting :
  • princess-cut stones are set in rail stone-setting.

Restoration and upkeep

At Atelier du Serti in Bordeaux, during the restoration of your jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, etc), we verify the setting of your stones and re-polish your jewelry if necessary. Equally, as experts in stone-setting, we can offer to re-cut and re-polish your stones, whether they are fine stones (tanzanite, agate, cristal, garnet, hematite, jade, lapis-lazuli, opal, quartz, topaz, tourmaline…) or precious stones (diamond, emerald, ruby, saphire). The re-polishing is done by expert lapidaries with whom we work with.

Repair and beading

Repair : Because your jewelry changes, is submitted to wear and tear, at Atelier du Serti we perform small interventions to restore the luster of your jewelry. Sizing, replacing parts, re-setting stones, re-inforcing claws, are some of the examples of the repairs we do at Atelier du Serti in Bordeaux. Beading : Uthe upkeep of a pearl necklace requires a regular re-beading. A re-beading can also be a reason to change or modernize an existing necklace. A strand of pearls can become a bracelet, a pair of earrings, etc… There are numerous possibilities. As experienced jewelers, we are at your service to counsel and guide you in upgrading your pearl necklace. Transformation : in most transformation cases, the client already possesses the stones and precious metal. A ring, a pendant, a brooch, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, we can transform your jewelry from another time into unique, modern creations. Depending on your desires, we can offer a selection of stones. Any jewel can be used to create another piece for an event such as an engagement, a wedding, a birth or simply for the pleasure of giving. The client becomes the creator while respecting their budget.