Love has no borders

A very beautiful creation from Atelier du Serti as this incredible ring, a love gift from a husband for his wife. The story of this ring is just as beautiful. It is necessary to go back more than a year back when our experts from l’Atelier du Serti in Bordeaux took the direction of India to choose this magnificent precious stone. The exceptional stone (an 8.68 carat sapphire, cushion cut, of Burmese origin, unheated, that is to say without any human treatment), representing less than 1% of world sapphire production, had to have an equally exceptional frame. Several steps were necessary to make the jewel, the fruit of close joint collaboration between client, designer and Atelier du Serti. The following stages were the realization of a silver model then the final assembly in platinum. The ring thus conceived, symbol of an unconditional love, is a model of fine jewelry, an expert realization of our two jewelers and gem-setters, Aurélie and Thomas, managers of l’Atelier du Serti since 2002.

14 February 2020