The Origins

Welcome to our jewelry workshop, located at 14 Cours de L’Intendance in Bordeaux. Our workshop is thouroughly linked with the city of Bordeaux. In a typical Bordelaise stone-cut house, the workshop, on the second floor, used to be a music room back in the 18th century. In 2002, Aurélie Garrau created Atelier du Serti, and moved into this appartment, full of history and tradition.  

Jewelry and Stone setting Craftsmen

Aurélie Garrau and Thomas Lanxade, the associates of Atelier du Serti, share the same creative chemistry since 2014. Both are jewelry and stone setting professionals, with a number of years of experience in different workshops, from New York to Paris and Saumur. Today, they follow in the footsteps of tradition and creation and differenciate themselves in the art of restoring and transforming jewelry with respect of different craftsmanship.
In the heart of Port de la Lune

Atelier du Serti, an intimate space

Atelier du Serti is located on the second floor of an 18th century Bourgeois house, in the heart of Bordeaux. Our cozy workshop favors one on one relations with our clientel, allowing them to express their full creative potential. In our workshop you will find passionate professionals and a large choice of precious stones.