Saphir Sarcelle Teal 2 Atelier du Serti Bordeaux

The Teal sapphire makes its debut at Atelier du Serti

It is one of the most unique precious stones in our day: the Sarcelle, or Teal, sapphire. This one of a kind variety contains two of the most incredible colors of the nature: ocean blue and bright green. A beautiful combination that have many experts consider this gem to be the next multicolored sapphire.

At Atelier du Serti, we acquired a 1.61-carats certified, unheated, teal sapphire (pure, no treatment). With its emerald cut, it will easily inspire your jewelry projects. Most notably for an exceptional engagement ring. A true “love at first sight” gemstone that we are pleased to share with you today.

A natural teal color

The term “Sarcelle” refers to the teal of the Eurasian duck, with its a band characteristic bluish green around its eyes. When sapphires with typical cyan hues and darker shades were discovered, the term “Sarcelle” was all but evident for this incredible gemstone. The Teal sapphire reveals part of its originality in its color variations, depending on the nature of the light. Whether under natural or artificial, light produces a partial and subtle change on the hue of the gemstone. Yellow natural light, for example, reveals more of its shades of green.


A unique sapphire

No two teal sapphires are the same. Thanks to its unique color variations, each teal sapphire seems to have a personality of its own. Like the Padparadscha (the famous orange-pink sapphires), the teal blue sapphire is an endless emotion!



An excellent resistance

Like all sapphires, teal sapphires are extremely durable. After diamonds, sapphires are the second hardest natural gemstones. With their strong resistance to scratched, they make perfect stones for everyday wear. With a longer shine, their brightness is hardly diminished. This makes for a great choice in engagement rings, to wear as a symbol of love and commitment.

A long-term investment

Teal sapphires are little known to the public. Its price remains accessible compared to other prestigious sapphires or diamonds. Many experts believe that the teal sapphire has the same development potential as the Padparadscha sapphire, an excellent investment opportunity in the gem family.

Teal sapphire, ideal for an engagement ring

According to a recent market study conducted in 2020 by Navneet Gems and Minerals, 90% of women under 35 want a unique engagement ring. Among those who want a sapphire as a central stone, 35% perceive the teal sapphire as an excellent choice!


Blue sapphires have a magnetic appeal that makes them perfect for statement jewelry, such as engagement rings. They combine the calming depth of blue with the energy renewing green. These beautiful gemstones can also channel communication and clarity of thought. All these associations are a wonderful bridge between two souls.


If you share our fascination for this exceptional stone, let’s meet! We we remain at your disposal for information and to make an appointment on 05 56 81 81 63.

Aurélie Garrau & Thomas Lanxade
Jewelers and stone-setters in Bordeaux
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Source : Navneet Gems & Minerals pour International Gem Society (IGS)

30 March 2021